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Starts March 25, 2024

A constructive way to spend the summer break!

Summer Swim School is the perfect opportunity for kids to learn to swim or to improve their skills in a fun, supportive environment. Our experienced instructors train swimmers of all levels, from beginners to advanced, to develop proper techniques and build confidence in the water. With focus on safety and personal attention, our program is designed to help every child succeed and have fun while doing it.


Whether your child wants to swim competitively or just wants to enjoy the water, the Summer Swim School is the place to be!

Program Highlights

Water safety training
Water awareness
Swimming lessons
Qualified instructors
Social and
 fun with others

Batches and Schedule

Multiple Batches

At  Lotus's Summer Swim School we understand that every child is unique, and we want to provide the best possible experience for each participant in our Summer Swim School program.


That's why we've created multiple batches, spread across March, April, and May, to accommodate a wide range of needs, schedules and preferences.

Small Batch Sizes

Our multiple batches allow us to maintain smaller class sizes, ensuring personalised attention and instruction for each child. This enables us to tailor our curriculum to meet the specific needs of each group, whether that means focusing on stroke technique, building endurance, or simply having fun in the water!

Exclusive Girls' Only batches

Our separate girls-only batches provide a supportive environment for girls of all ages and skill levels. We also have weekend-only batches for families who prefer weekend classes only, allowing children to participate in Summer Swim School while still having the rest of the week to focus on other activities or schoolwork.

Contact us for assistance in choosing a convenient slot time and start date for your kid.

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