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Introducing Yoga Membership at Lotus Sports and Fitness Centre JP Nagar

Our new Yoga membership will give you exclusive access to Ashtanga Yoga group classes. 

This membership is ideal for those who are interested in practicing and learning in Yoga classes conducted by highly qualified, professional trainers. It is also geared towards people who want to workout Yoga exclusively without need of any of our other Gym services or facilities.


The yoga group classes will be held in the quiet, peaceful environment at the Lotus Sports and Fitness centre at 7th Phase JP Nagar.

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At Lotus Sport and Fitness centres, we aim to provide our clients everything they need to practice a holistic approach to fitness and well being.  


Our fitness centres in JP Nagar 7th Phase and 3rd Phase offer everything you need on your fitness journey. Spacious, large, well-ventilated spaces and a variety of exercise programs, and our team of highly experienced, professional trainers who will motivate and assist you every step of the way in your fitness journey! 

We eliminate monotony in workouts and make it a fun-filled, productive experience to bring  transformational changes in the lives of our clients.

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