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Running: the popular aerobic exercise

Running is a popular physical activity, sport and workout across the globe. Research work on fossils implies that running is an innate human quality.

And, the human anatomy is proof that we are by nature, good runners. The way our physique has evolved and has good endurance level tells us that our ancestors were quite familiar with running. They were great hunters, constantly in movement and search of food, especially meat, to fill the nutritional void.

Running has been around for quite a long time. Around the 19th century, there were fewer gyms to exercise in, and they weren’t cheap either.

So, running outdoors became a thing. Then slowly came marathons, track and field, endurance running, and a few more types evolved.

Some healthy benefits of running

Running is not all about losing weight; it is more like a channel to detoxify yourself and reconnect with nature. This process can be considered a type of meditation.

Full-body exercises like running, swimming and cycling reactivate the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems.

Some of the health benefits to reap from running are:

  1. Get Cardiovascular fitness

  2. Stimulate bone strengthening and formation

  3. Strengthen body muscles like hip flexors, glutes, calf muscles, quadriceps, etc.

  4. Reduce high blood pressure level

  5. Enhance lung capacity and metabolism

  6. Helpful in burning calories

  7. Increase HDL (good) and reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol

  8. Lowers glucose level

  9. Improve mental health

  10. Boost self-confidence

  11. Enhance the Quality of life

Running injects in you a sense of freedom. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, uncertain, cluttered, be it anything, running is the best cure one can have.

Why do people choose to run?

Insufficient physical activity often leads to chronic diseases such as strokes, coronary artery disease, depression and hypertension.

Any physical activity, be it running, cycling, swimming, etc., can help you fight uncertainties and exuberant your life with positivity. You will slowly start to feel good, energetic, creative and focused.

Running is the best test to measure human endurance. In long-distance running, the body naturally adapts to covering such lengths. Humans are supposedly not good sprinters but are great distance runners at a reasonable pace.

Running to race has its risks and is required to train under proper supervision. However, every run is not a race. For those who run for fun or to stay fit, running at their own pace is sufficient and holds no risk.

People who run marathons, compete in races or run to “feel good”; ‘Fitness’ is the byproduct they get out of it.

It triggers the release of endorphins and gives you a “natural high”, like a legal one, making you endure the pain-killing stuff and continue racing.

Even if treadmills are there, the good stuff remains in outdoor running. It is more beneficial to run outdoors and even barefoot. However, barefoot running is not recommended for beginners.

Nevertheless, give it a try, and feel the power of running!

In conclusion, Lotus Sports and Fitness is holding a 5K run on 7 August, Sunday. Do check it out!

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